In this post we would like to share with you everything we have learned from the cocktail specialists with whom we have been working, so that from home together with friends or our partner you can enjoy a unique Gin and Tonic:



The Glass

One of the most important aspects is glassware. On numerous occasions, it is a symptom of glamor and greatness, elegant, fine and delicate glassware will make you enhance the sensation on the lips.

The format must be the cup, an open cup, with great capacity will make you perceive better the aromas while you drink the cocktail. In addition to the ability to introduce large amounts of ice that we will discuss later. On the other hand, if we take the glass by the base, we will avoid transferring the heat of our hand to the drink, unlike what happens with a wide glass or tube.



In this part of the article we are going to break the well-known myth of watering the cup. When serving our Gin and Tonic we have to understand two aspects:

  1. By adding so much ice (between 4-5 pieces) what we are doing is taking care of your glass, the more ice, greater cold mass, it will take longer to thaw.
  2. By adding more ice, we are not removing any amount of alcohol from your cocktail, the cups are intended to contain all the ingredients.

Another aspect to consider is the type of ice, we will use rock ice, large ice. One fact to consider is the quality of the ice since on many occasions we find ice that may not be well filtered and therefore have lime from the water. We must take this into account since it is a substance that we are going to ingest. Home ice is also not recommended, since being in a freezer with more food will adopt unwanted smells.




The ideal amount to serve is 1 part of gin for every 4 of tonic, therefore the ideal amount will be 5 centilitres. We recommend using a meter, with this we will get our drink to have about 8 ° of alcohol, which is equivalent to a beer or a glass of wine. Sometimes less is more, and with the gin the same thing happens, more quantity is not synonymous of more quality.



In this section there are also many myths among users well, we return to the beginning, all soda we drink will be syrup with sweeteners to which carbonic is added. The simple act of serving the tonic through the wall of our glass slowly or above the ice by dropping it gently will make the loss of this carbonic be less and therefore, you can enjoy more our Gin and Tonic.

Another aspect to value is to have our tonic refrigerated, since having them at room temperature, when opening it, you will experience a considerable loss of carbonic.



The essential ingredient in our Gin and Tonic is going to be a citrus contribution.

In order to prepare a unique Gin and Tonic, we will finish the cocktail with finger lime getting a totally different experience in the mouth. In addition to all the citrus properties that it will enhance you, it will also give you the new sensation of being able to combine the drink with small bites of citrus explosion, further enhancing our flavour and our carbonic in the glass.



Once we have told you all our secrets, you just have to remember these tips and enjoy your unique Gin and Tonic. By the way, do not forget that the key to enjoying this experience is to share it with the best company.

To thank Cristian Javier Molina, an expert in cocktails from who we are always learning, for his great help and collaboration.