In case you still have not heard of me jet, let me introduce myself, I’m Finger Lime, also known as citrus caviar. Originally from the Australian subtropical zone, I stand out for my aesthetics and what I hide inside. 

Citrus australasica is my scientific name and to date, I have been an ingredient demanded by avant-garde restaurants where chefs have wanted to include me in their elaborations due to my particularities:

  • Unique flavour.
  • Physical shape that reminds the caviar that we all know.
  • Exclusivity since there are few who have tried me.
  • New in the gastronomic world.



A thin skin hides small pearls of citrus flavour. The taste of each one of them surprises with its intensity despite its size while its aroma intensifies the sensory experience.

To extract the pearls and with them give your recipe a differentiating touch that makes it an unforgettable sensation, you only need to make a slight cut on my skin.

These spheres will bring that special and unique touch to your elaboration but … What will you feel when you try me? When the pearls explode on your palate, the citrus juice inside will be mixed with the rest of the elements, therefore, there will be no loss of flavour in any of the components but  aromas, textures and sensations will be fused in the same moment and place. All this will cause an explosion of flavours matchless.




I am a great ally of oriental cuisine since my nuances combine with raw fish and seafood, my applications in Japanese cuisine are the most recognized worldwide. However, in recent years I have acquired a greater prestige in Mediterranean cuisine providing a touch of freshness highly valued in their recipes. In desserts and cocktails my use is increasingly widespread.

Some concrete applications where to enjoy me:

  • Oysters
  • Sashimi/Sushi
  • Gin
  • Chocolates






Nalans Citrus offers the opportunity to incorporate a unique experience anywhere and for any occasion. For some reason, the great professionals of the sector have used me during the last decade in their elaborations but being such an exclusive ingredient, my sale to the public has been limited. Thanks to this opportunity you can surprise your guests and enjoy an unforgettable evening in your own home.